Monday, December 17, 2007

Natural Cure For Panic Attacks

Chances are, you are reading this post because either you
or someone close to you is affected by anxiety panic attack
symptoms. If you are researching this subject for someone
else, try to imagine what they go through in a typical

It can happen at anytime, are waiting in
line at supermarket checkout. You had to wait for a while
but there's only one more customer in front of you, you're
almost there. Out of nowhere, you feel a lump in your
throat, your chest is getting tight and find it hard to
breath. Your heart is beating at 100 miles-per-hour
against your chest, starting to feel dizzy. You feel the
chills, get tingly feeling and start to tremble...then
nothing seems real and you start to think "oh my gosh,
I'm dying!".

Imagine going through something like this in your daily
routine and imagine how disruptive it would be.

What can you do?

Most people will turn to medications for help. But
medications will only suppress anxiety panic attack
symptoms and its frequency, not the cause.

Explore the natural cure for panic attacks. Natural method
of anxiety attack panic treatment will teach you methods
and techniques without involving medications, hypnosis or
therapist. Natural cure reaches the root cause and can
eliminate panic attacks.

Imagine: not having to make excuses why you can't go to
that dinner party; having the confidence to fly, drive or
travel in any means and best of all, kissing the panic
attacks good-bye for good, not to mention doctor and
prescribption bills!

Why not take the time to explore natural cures for panic
attacks? You have nothing to lose but your panic attacks.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Dealing With Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms With Medication?

There are many axiety attack panic treatments available for
those who suffer from anxiety panic attack symptoms.
Making the right choice is difficult when presented with so
many choices. Making the right choice also could mean
reclaiming control of your life or continue suffering from
panic attacks.

Shaking, sweating, gasping for air while being totally
scared and feeling that insanity or death is grabbing hold
of you. Sufferers of these anxiety panic attack symptoms
are in search of ways to free themselves. Some do achieve
their goal, while most do not fully reach that goal.
As for anxiety attack panic treatments, medication is one
of the most popular choice. We will examine pros and cons
of using medication for treatment.


Biggest advantage of medication is its convenience.
Ease of use; anyone can take a pill, can be purchased at
any drugstore. More potent ones require a prescription,
but still is easy to obtain.

See results in very short time. Some of the medications
will take effects almost immediately. It can be an
advantage for those who can sense one of the anxiety panic
attack symptoms coming.

Effectiveness. By taking medication as directed,
frequency of panic attack is reduced by putting your body
in a relaxed mode. Being relaxed keeps your anxiety in


Side effects. Unlike natural cure for panic attacks,
medication is not one-size-fits-all universal remedy. It
does provide relief to most, but some encounter side

Our body is able to adapt to many situations. With
prolonged usage of medication, our body becomes immune to
the drug. What seemed like a miracle drug at first will
not be so effective after a while.

Medication is a temporary remedy. Meds can reduce
frequency of panic attacks but it can not go to the root of
the problem to cure it permanently. Another words, it can
only treat the symptoms, not the cause.

Natural cures for panic attacks requires efforts from the
patients and may take longer to be effective. But it is
without all the bad side of the medication. Natural methods
offers better chances over the long-run to compleley
eliminate these panic attacks.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deal With Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms Naturally

There is a natural alternative anxiety attack panic treatment
to taking medications when it comes to dealing with panic attacks.

Natural cure for panic attacks teaches certain
techniques to deal with attacks if and when it comes. Most
common methods includes breathing technique, muscle
relaxation and visualizations. While seemingly simple,
these methods are proven to be quite effective.

More radical natural remedies are somewhat intense and
require total commitment from those who suffer from anxiety
attacks. Idea is to deliberately expose patients to worst
possible anxiety panic attack symptoms to teach them that
there is no physical harm done from having an attack and
there is no need to fear.

A form of shock therapy which induces anxiety panic attack
symptoms such as increased heart rate, hyper-ventilation
and dizziness through basic excersices and other means.
As the treatment progresses, body and mind becomes
accustomed to going through these symptoms and be less of a
cause for fearing next attack.

Similar to above but this shock therapy attempt to induce
patients to actual panic attacks and make them ride out the
attack. It makes patients realize that despite what they
may be feeling while going through anxiety panic attack
symptoms, no harm will come afterwards. Realizing this,
future attacks will be less traumatic.

Compared to medications, natural cures for panic attacks
does take time and commitment. But the most important part
is that natural methods goes to the root of the problem
rather than just reducing symptoms. With patience and
time, natural cure for panic attacks offer possibility of
completely eliminating future anxiety panic attack

Find out how to stop panic attacks without relying on medications.

Monday, October 29, 2007

How To Deal With Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms Naturally.

There is no other terror greater than fearing another
attack for people who have experienced anxiety panic attack
symptoms. These includes overwhelming sense of dying, and
feeling detached from reality to name just a couple.
Emotionally shocked from experience, victims begin to fear
the next attack.

This is beginning of the vicious cycle as fear of having
another attack will make them likely to have another. It
only gets worse as they begin to obsess about the next one
and the cycle continues.

Sufferers search for anxiety attack panic treatments in
hopes of freeing themselves from this cycle.

Medication comes to mind as first choice for anxiety attack
panic treatment. Medications are popular choice since it
is convenient, fast acting and readily available.

Unfortunately, medications are only temporary solution to
anxiety panic attack symptoms. It only addresses the
symptoms. If taken frequently, your body becomes
accustomed to the drug and less effective. There are also
possible concerns with side effects and withdrawal.

On my next post, We'll examine natural methods available.
In the mean time, Click here to find out more about how to
deal with anxiety panic attack symptoms naturally.